I’ve Stopped Praying for Self-Control.

For almost 10 years now I have battled with the same sins, the same struggles, the same issues in my life. They rise from insecurities, from doubts, from fear.

Big or small, there are seasons where these struggles seem less and I am able to walk peacefully throughout life without much battle. Then there are times where I feel like I’m on a kid’s floaty raft in the middle of the raging Pacific ocean.

So, for these 10 years off struggling, I’ve been praying for God to give me self-control.

Today, I decided to stop praying for self-control.

Notice how the phrase starts with the word “self.” I was asking God to help me do something on my own. I thought by praying I was asking for God’s help and hoping he would then be a part of it, so I was relying on him.  But, when I started praying for self-control again recently, I was deeply convicted about what I was praying for.

I am not saying self-control is a bad thing.  It is a fruit of the Spirit! I teach my clients about self-control all the time. We need it, and I believe God does help us with self-control. But, I believe what he first wants is for us to give something over to him and to rely on HIS STRENGTH to get us through and move us on. In his time, by his ways, and then build within us the control to rely on him and the strengths he has built within us through the process.


Are there areas you struggle with on a consistent basis? Have you given them to God and learned to call on him first when the battle rages? Start there, let him show you his power and build the strengths you need to fight.