Hi, I’m Kara! I’m the writer of Polka Dots & Plaid. This blog came from a rough season in my life – I find it cathartic to write about what I am experiencing and learning, and I wanted to use my winter season to help others, however that might be. So, I write in order to share what I’m learning and hopefully provide encouragement to others. I hope you find just what you need!

When I’m not here (which is most of the time!) I am a mental health/behavioral therapist for kids ages 2-7. It is one insane job and sometimes I’ll write about experiences with that and how those experiences are often metaphors for bigger-picture lessons I’m learning.

Other info:

I’m 27, single, and love long walks on the beach. I’m joking… But I’m serious.

I love exercise of all kinds – running, biking, boxing, TRX, weight lifting, lifting the spoon full of ice cream to my mouth. 

Which also brings me to more info about myself – I love (love, love) chocolate, baking, and sometimes real food (often real food but I’d rather be eating a chocolate chip cookie than a bagel). 

And finally, I am most definitely a sinner saved by grace. I mean, beyond a sinner. Is there a term for mega-sinner (or is that the term?)? I am learning what life looks like pursuing and trusting God. I’ve made a whole lot of mistakes but I do my best to learn and grow stronger from each one.


Thanks for joining me. I’d love to hear from you!


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