Online dating: you’re doing it wrong!

So… It’s 2014, let’s all stop pretending, if we are single, that we haven’t at least toyed with the idea of joining the thousands of online daters. I mean, I don’t know how many people are “doing it” but I do know when I joined one of these sites the amount of people I was matched with led me to believe that just about every single person now a days is trying it.

So let’s stop kidding ourselves.

Go ahead and tell people, I think it’s WAY more common than we think.

And now here are some tips for those of you that are thinking about giving it a go. These come from my own experience; usually these are the things that make me instantly remove you from my matches.

1. All of your pictures are selfies.
2. At least one of your pictures is a gym selfie or you flexin in the mirror.

3. You spell words wrong, use poor grammar, or capitalize words that you shouldn’t.

4. You have numerous pictures with non-family members of the opposite sex. And they’re not the same person.
5. Or they are all the same person.
6. You’re wearing a wedding ring.
7. Your only picture is of some landscape or animal.
8. You talk about how into crossfit you are (maybe that’s only a deal breaker for me…).

9. You throw out how much you like to “have fun” numerous times.
10. Dropping the phrase “soul mate” in your responses one too many times.

11. Giving an extensive list of very materialistic things you look for in a partner.
12. Getting too specific, as in you only date brunettes.

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