Nicknaming life.

It just has been so long since I’ve written about what is happening in my life!

This is a new season. My roommates have both moved out of town and I have myself a cozy little one bedroom.

While living alone offers a lot of great benefits, it also offers a lot of higher bills and bigger responsibilities. Oh, and it offers a lot of chance to sit in my sin and pout.

So, as this first month of the first time I am living alone is wrapping up, I am challenged.

Good ole’ Steven Furtick from Elevation Church once again pulled through to bring me hope in this season of life. In a series cleverly titled #deathtoselfie, Furtick tells the story of Jacob and his family. The final sermon on the series was titled “naming rights.” The description reads:

Just because the Bible says God works all things together for our good, does not mean everything feels good all the time. But it’s often our times of greatest struggle that we can gain the most strength and increase our faith. In the final part of our series #DeathToSelfie, Pastor Steven uses the story of Jacob renaming his son Benjamin to show us that, though there are circumstances in our lives we didn’t choose to go through, God has given us the rights to call any circumstance a blessing in His name.

Dang. Do you get it? Rename your situation!

For me, I saw this time of living alone as pretty lonely, and pretty stressful as I stare blankly at a pile of bills I really don’t know how I will manage to pay each month. I saw it as a time of missing community and struggling to find worth in the job I’m not loving at the moment. I saw this time as a time where I’d be forced to face some sins that I forgot about, because now I’m all alone where the enemy attacks me hardest.


Oh friends, it’s so lovely.

This is a time where God is calling out my sin so I can better glorify Him!

This is a time where I can learn to be a good steward of my money and learn to rely on faith that He will provide for my needs, if I am faithful with returning to Him what is already His.

This is a time where yes, I am single, so yes, I can plan my schedule to my own liking.

This is a time where I can learn to trust that God has me in my current job for a reason, so I’ll look for the good in each day.


I do hope this time doesn’t last forever, and I think that is okay.

But while we are in our different seasons of life, why don’t we name them something good?

Give this time in your life a nickname you life, not the nickname the enemy’s been using. 



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