7 reasons I love my life for what it is in this moment

Posts about lists are all the rage. In my browser right now, the tabs read:

We love lists.

I have a list of the top 7 reasons I love the stage of life I’m in right now (late 20s, single, working):

  1. I get to live with 2 of my best friends. When we first decided to move in together we were not best friends and everyone questioned how well we’d work out as roommates. People kept asking how it was going with a grimace on their face, knowing we were about to admit to the drama happening in our house. Wrong, we have had a completely drama-free spiritual community full of love, acceptance and grace. If I had gotten married right out of college, I would’ve never had this experience.sing
  2. While my job wears me down most days, the kids I work with have very redeeming moments of funny and innocence. They are mean (they hit, kick, bite, curse, throw things), they are mad, they are violent, but they are also still kids. I love giving them hugs, being the one to show them unconditional love. I have one who loves to rip me apart and I love to tell him every time that, “I still like you, no matter what, and I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be right here when you’re done to hug you.” He doesn’t hear that in his life, and I love that I get that opportunity. 
  3. I have lots of time to do the things I love. One day, if I’m blessed to have a family of my own, I won’t be able to leave work early and go run because it’s beautiful outside. I might not be able to spend all day Sunday in my pajamas eating pancakes and drinking coffee. One day, my life will have different priorities, but right now my life is about pursuing things I love. This does not give me a free pass to be selfish with my time, I’m adding more and more volunteer/giving experiences, but I am able to adjust my schedule to my own interest and my own wants and needs. I get a lot of workouts in because it’s something I love, but I know one day I won’t have that time. I spend a lot of time watching Netflix, but one day I’ll have to watch cartoons with my kids. And that too will be okay because one day my kids will be the things I love. get-lonely.gif
  4. I get to travel for cheap. I am only one person so if I want to go somewhere, I can do it for a relatively reasonable price. I can also not feel bad about crashing on friend’s couches because most of them don’t have a whole herd of children yet, and I’m just one person who won’t take up too much space.
  5. I’m learning so much about who I am in Christ. This time of unknowns and unfulfilled dreams is really becoming a dream come true all itself. I didn’t know I wanted this time in my life, but now I am so thankful for it. I have the time to read, listen, and pursue ideas about God that take thinking and quiet. Again, when I have a family that quiet time will be hard to come by. Today, however, I ran 10 miles while listening to some podcasts that spoke to fear – exactly what I needed to hear. Not only do I have free time to do these things, I have a lot of unanswered questions that require faith. I also have a lot of unfulfilled dreams that require patience. God is working in this time.
  6.  ephesians
  7. I’m learning so much about who I am in general. Throughout these years of being single, I have dated a few men and I have had a lot of friends. Throughout all these relationships I have learned who I really am because I have noticed the things I have only done because of another person, and then the things I have done because I truly enjoy them. I have picked up new hobbies with a boyfriend because it was something he loved, and at the time I did too, but once that relationship was over I learned that I no longer loved that hobby. I have had time to become the person I have wanted to be, no matter who is in my life. I have had the time to let God shape and mold me into who He wants me to be, and have been able to stop letting other people shape me. There are habits and characteristics that have come and gone with the people who have done the same; then there are those that have endured and grown stronger – those are the ones that identify me as an individual.



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