Finishing off February with Love [for yourself!]

I am queen of doubting myself, criticizing myself, and putting myself down. I am learning to love myself, and learning to love who God is making me and where He has and is taking me.


Today, I made myself stand in front of the mirror before taking a shower for 5 whole minutes. Phew.

But it was good and every time a negative thought came to mind I stopped it immediately and replaced it with a positive one. This was difficult on so many levels.

As I prepare to fight the enemy and grow strong in my relationship with Christ and my Knowledge of God, I had to start today, fighting the lies, the attacks and start learning how to stop the negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts. If you haven’t thought about what you’re making March about for you, take the time right now and ask God to reveal something to you.

Let’s do this.



2 thoughts on “Finishing off February with Love [for yourself!]

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