This is the Gospel, daily [part I].

I have said it time and time again that when God wants to teach me something, He brings the lesson to mind over and over. Or maybe I just don’t listen the first time. I can’t be for sure.  I do believe God “speaks” to His children in various ways – the way that is beneficial for them, the way they might best hear Him. For me, I am learning He does not speak audibly or really through the mouths of others, but He shows me a lesson over and over throughout multiple circumstances. Again, let me be clear – this does not mean He doesn’t speak to me in those other ways, maybe I’m just not listening, or maybe sometimes He’ll choose those ways to teach me.

Let me be clear about something else, I am only just now realizing this after 20 years of calling myself a Christian and 27 years of praying. I have prayed over and over for God to reveal things to me, for God to speak to me, and only now at the young age of 27 am I learning how I hear him best.

Something that has been pressed upon my heart and my mind over the past month or so is the idea that as Christians we are to live out the gospel every moment every day. This means it is not a one time truth we hear, change our lives, and then move on.

Brothers and sisters – the Gospel is a life change!

I started realizing this truth about a month ago when She Reads Truth did a series appropriately titled, “This is the Gospel.” At the same time I went to a house church in my area where someone mentioned the book A Gospel Primer and how in this book Vincent speaks to the truth of the gospel being lived out in a Christian’s life on a daily basis. What was funny about that, once I started reading it, was that someone had encouraged me to buy and read it a few years ago and I read a page or two and never picked it up again. It didn’t hold any weight at the time; my heart was not ready for the lesson I needed to learn from the words of Vincent.

The whole lesson of living out the gospel really made sense to me today, as I sat at my office desk eating my lunch and walking this video from Sean Lowe (previous ABC Bachelor):

I am Second – Sean Lowe

He made a mistake and he turned from it. I think this is the crucial we need to explore.

What does it mean to live the Gospel on a daily basis?

Come back for part II. And if you read nothing in that post, make sure to watch the video at the end.

2 thoughts on “This is the Gospel, daily [part I].

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