Holding Patterns – part of the journey, a reason for the waiting.

The other day, I went for a cold wintery run. And, if I may brag, I nailed it. I ran faster than I did previously and ran longer than I had originally planned. But anywho, the point is, I didn’t let my literal winter season hold me back from being productive and making progress. Ah, nailed it again!

During this winter run I listened to another podcast from elevation church’s archive. This was in the sermon series titled Waiting Room. Oh boy, was this a good one. It was about “holding patterns,” you know like planes have when they aren’t allowed to land and need to circle the airport in order to eventually land. Most of the time, this is for our own good – conditions are unsafe for the plane to land. But, during these times we likely get frustrated with the fact that we might be late to something important. We, however, don’t know that God might have reasons he keeps making us circle and circle [and circle, and circle, and circle]. He gave the example of a man really wanting to date a girl he has his eye on. God, in his all-knowing-providence keeps making the guy wait and circle, because maybe that girl is crazy and the man needs to meet someone else.

Be thankful God is keeping you circling around! You do not know what God is keeping you from or bringing you to!

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