Lessons from the Week [january 26 – feb 1]

  1. God will bring to mind the lesson he is trying to teach me – over, and over, and over. That is one way to be sure what I am hearing is from God. This past week he has impressed upon me the need for positivity, no matter the circumstances, to speak light into any darkness, truth into every lie, and find the good in every part of this sometimes exceedingly long winter season (metaphorically and literally – silly Punxsutawney Phil).
  2. Family doesn’t just mean blood. Family are those that hold you up when you’re falling down; they are there to cry with you, laugh with you, cook with you, clean with you, fight with you, send you encouragement, allow you into their lives, seek your guidance, ask for your shoulder to cry on, give you theirs when you can’t contain the tears, push you to do better, take you back after huge mistakes, and help bandage the scars and bruises caused by those mistakes. My family has grown over the past 2 years with my 2 incredible roommates and a friend I never expected (that’s you, Megan). And my blood family has become stronger – largely in part to airplanes, Instagram and text messaging!
  3. The enemy surely will come on ever stronger as you work to further your faith. Yesterday was a day filled with joy and hope, positivity and a whole heart. And then, as night fell post-church, I was overwhelmed with guilt and temptation, and sin, and failure. I’ve noticed this pattern in the past. The enemy doesn’t want me to grow stronger in my faith and he will fight harder when I start fighting harder in the opposite direction.

Happiest of Sundays to you!



2 thoughts on “Lessons from the Week [january 26 – feb 1]

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